Finest quality dental prostheses by dentists from Munich

Dental prostheses should satisfy the high aesthetic demands, but they must also “function”.

High-Dent dental clinics provide you with attractive and functional dental prostheses.

At High-Dent, functional diagnostics form the basis of every implant planning and every prosthetic restoration. For only when the “bite is right” can there be perfect solutions of high aesthetic standards combined with great strength and durability.

Humans need teeth

High-Dent Munich covers the entire spectrum of modern dentistry from 3D-navigated implantology to CMD diagnostics and TMJ therapy right up to prosthetic restoration.

Certified material manufacturers ensure quality and bio-compatibility of the dental prostheses; the high quality of the dental implants is ensured on the basis of long-term scientific studies conducted by the implant manufacturers.

High-Dent Munich is the competent and qualified point of contact for discerning patients from Munich and the Munich region.

High-Dent Munich presents an interesting option also for patients from abroad, as even they can benefit from the technical, digital and medicinal advancement as well as the outstanding qualifications of dentists and dental technicians in Munich.

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