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Dental prostheses from Munich for discerning patients

A smile with immaculate teeth creates the first positive impression of a person. Beautiful teeth do not symbolise youth and health alone. Generally, a person is considered intelligent, likeable and attractive solely on the basis of uniform, well-cared-for and white teeth. A perfect set of teeth can even have a positive influence on career opportunities.

Using sophisticated techniques and high-quality materials, modern dentistry offers numerous correction and treatment options for unattractive or missing teeth.

Aesthetic Appeal and Proper Functioning – Hand in Hand

Patients always desire aesthetically appealing dental prostheses; however, at the same time, the “new” teeth should also interact harmoniously while chewing, speaking and laughing, should be made of compatible materials, and be resilient and durable.

Dentists and dental technicians need to work together very closely in order to meet these justified requirements. The main element of their work is the functioning of the teeth as basis for perfect solutions, which are aesthetic and functional.

The German Dental Technicians Trade – Specialist in Dental Prostheses

Patients appreciate and value the German technicians trade - it is considered the best in the world with its unique training system for trainees, assistants and experts. The dental training as well as the quality standards of the dental industry also enjoy high international reputation.

At High-Dent dental clinics dentists with in-depth experience in dental technologies and surgery work together with a specialist dental laboratory and provide the patients with fixed, metal-free dental prostheses on dental implants, crowns, partial crowns, bridges, ceramic inlays, and veneers (ceramic shells), as well as solutions with removable dental prostheses. Excellent quality metal-free crowns and bridges are of particular importance in terms of their bio-compatibility and aesthetic appeal.

High-Dent Munich is considered as a competent and qualified point of contact for superior dental care of patients from Munich and the Munich region.

Munich – Attractive Metropolis for Patient-tourism

More and more patients from abroad come to Munich in search of “specialists in metal-free dental prostheses”. They come from Russia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Italy, South Tirol, Austria and Switzerland, and benefit from the first-grade scientific, technical and dental know-how at High-Dent Munich, as well as from the unparalleled qualification standards in dentistry in Germany and particularly in Munich.

Being a capital city Munich offers outstanding care to patients from abroad, and has ideal direct flight connections. In addition, the city offers perfect opportunities for luxurious shopping tours, cultural activities and sports events in attractive surroundings.

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