Focusing on patients

The HIGH-DENT MUNICH dental consultation
Scientific advances in dentistry and prosthetic dentistry open up new treatment options and patients require more information.
Ongoing continuing education for dentists and dental technicians is required to ensure high quality treatment and lasting quality for all types of dental replacements.
The recommended HIGH-DENT MUNICH dentists focus on the patient. They will inform and guide patients in German, English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

Second opinion from dental specialists
HIGH-DENT MUNICH dentists are specialists for periodontics, endodontics, implants, functional and TMJ diagnostics, CMD, TMD, TMJ syndrome, DCM, TTM, cosmetic dentistry and sedation dentistry – including general anaesthesia.  
Patients may also consult the HIGH-DENT MUNICH dentists for a second opinion.

Top quality dental – customised. innovative. competent and reliable.
To ensure the superior quality of modern dental replacements last, HIGH-DENT MUNICH dentists only use the dental lab “König & Weiß Dentaltechnik”.
Since 8/01/1988, König & Weiß Dentaltechnik in Munich has been a laboratory specialised in custom, functional and cosmetic reconstructions as well as innovative developments – competent and reliable.

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